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A little assurance goes a long way.

Generate More Sales
Increase spend up to 47% and decrease cart abandonment
Build Customer Loyalty
Enhance customer experience and decrease complaints by 20%
Level the Playing Field
Compete directly with Prime® and increase new and return customers
Return Shipping At No Cost

Take your customer satisfaction from good to great.

Online shoppers look for businesses with hassle-free return policies before committing to a purchase. A majority of these consumers will choose whether or not to become repeat customers based on the customer experience with the brand, a large consideration being the product return process.

Retrace provides e-commerce businesses with return shipping insurance solutions proven to increase customer satisfaction, and as a result, protect your margins. We’re on a mission to make every customer a brand loyalist.

You care about life’s important moments. We care about protecting them.

Personal Insurance

You face risks to grow your
business. We help you
manage those risks.

Business Insurance

How it works.

Customer fills their cart.
Return shipping insurance is offered during checkout.
Customer chooses to insure return shipping for their purchase.
A minimal fee is added to the cart total and the customer rests easy knowing they can return products without additional costs.
Proven results.
Expect rave reviews and repeat customers thanks to the seamless Retrace return process.

Here's what people are saying about us.

Selecting the running shoe to take you on your next 500 miles isn't an easy task. It has to be perfect in both fit and look - something that's hard to shop for online. Retrace saved us from taking a hit to our revenue or passing costs onto our customers. It's a win-win for everyone!

Julie S.
Small Business Owner

Without the convenience of try-before-you-buy, online returns are a significant cost for us. Our 2018 holiday revenues took a hard hit, so we started using Retrace in 2019. The difference is unbelievable, we've increased our margins by 23% by making that one change.

Nathan P.
Operations Director, E-Commerce

Our Net Promoter Score went through the roof when we started offering Return Shipping Insurance through Retrace. It gave our customers complete peace of mind knowing they could return items without sacrificing their full refund or paying for shipping out of pocket.

Jackson K.
Vice President of E-Commerce

We’ve pulled together some basics to help you get started.

What is the difference between shipping insurance and return shipping insurance?
If a customer purchases a return shipping insurance, who pays to ship the item to our warehouse upon return?
What does return shipping insurance cover?
How do I know if return shipping insurance is right for me?
Who do our customer contact with questions regarding return shipping insurance?
What will it cost me to offer return shipping insurance to my customers?

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